Parents’ Present Stress

Each year, as the holiday season approaches, children grow increasingly ecstatic. They get to enjoy many presents and a recess from the havoc that school may wreak.

However, while the holiday season can be a blessing to teenagers, it is a different story for parents. In essence, they have the responsibility of buying food, presents, and much more in order to make the holidays better as each year passes.

Christmas can be a hectic time for parents, especially if their children are young and avid fans of Santa. Parents could be putting much effort into their gift buying, but will not receive any recognition or thanks because of this fictional character. Anyone who wants to purchase gifts for their loved ones must also save up their money in order to please others. Yet, this can be disastrous for these buyers’ bank accounts.

According to a poll conducted by Gallup in 2015, “The average shopper spends around $830 during the holiday time and 30% of families spend even more than $1,000.”

Now as we are approaching 2017, there are novel technologies and toys, with steepening price tags, that children wish for.

“I would like to buy my children everything they want for Christmas, but sometimes the gifts they ask for can cost way too much money and I may not be capable of buying them,” a mother of three said.

Parents don’t only have gifts for children. They may also need to buy a few for their friends and families, consequently stressing and worrying them.

When children and teenagers expect certain gifts for Christmas and other holidays but never receive them, they may become upset because they expect to get everything they want. Nonetheless, while the holidays are great for receiving presents, we need to cherish the thoughts that drive the precious act of gift-giving.