12 Days and 12 Ways to Get You Into the Christmas Spirit!

It’s now 12 days until Christmas Day 2016, which means there is still time to get ready for this annual event! In these 12 days, there are many ways to get you into the Christmas Spirit of giving and spending time with those you love, but these are twelve of the most important ones that don’t require too much time and effort.

  1. Collaborate with friends and family to make a stunningly beautiful gingerbread house that even tastes good!
  2. Get a Christmas Tree and decorate your it and your house with bright lights or other decorations laying around your house.
  3. Bake gingerbread cookies or other delicious treats for neighbors, friends, associates, or family!
  4. Show those you love like friends, family, or that special someone how much you love them with small gifts from the heart! One fun way to do this is Secret Santas, where each person gets someone else a present without them knowing who it’s from until the end.
  5. Prepare a Christmas Story or find an original to share with your family on Christmas Eve while sitting by the warm fireplace.
  6. Go caroling with friends and family to cheer up and brighten neighbors!
  7. Invite over family members and friends so you can all enjoy the holiday together!
  8. Drive by with your family and look at the lights put up by your neighbors that light up the night sky!
  9. Donate old toys or other things that might make other kids with not as many things happy and jolly!
  10. Record or watch traditional Christmas Movies with your family.
  11. You can even dress up your dogs, cats, or other pets in Christmas costumes, Santa hats, or other ideal clothing.
  12. And of course make sure to enjoy the lustrous white snow that only comes one season a year by doing things like building snowmen and having snowball fights with your friends.

But these are just some ways you can get into the Christmas Spirit, so we encourage you to get out there and make the most of Christmas, and have a wonderful Christmas!