Beet Salad, Creamy Grape Salad, Creamed Kale

Vegan Feasting for a Healthy Holiday

Even though the usual ham dinner with a bountiful sides is a very beautiful sight for Christmas dinner, sometimes a little perspective is good for the soul. It is time to break the stereotypes, and let your heart splurge on this Christmas feast.

Whenever this topic comes up, arguments begin to break out. Hearts stall and patience becomes a myth. This deadly topic is whether the consumption of meat is good or not. The argument against meat eating is that ‘there is no nutrient necessary for optimal human functioning which cannot be obtained from plant’ and this is true.
“I think meat consumption is disgusting, and I cannot believe I ever went through something like that  for so many years. My body is so healthy right now, and I’ve now begun to spread awareness on how you can benefit from this change. I really recommend it wholeheartedly.” Johana Meagle jumps around, full of emotion after being asked about her vegan diet.

While it may not seem as exciting as diving into a big bloody steak, controlling a diet in this matter can help in so many ways. Not to mention all of the diseases and problems that come from eating meat (says including…

  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Kidney Stones and Gallstones
  3. Diabetes
  4. Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Arthritis
  6. Gum disease
  7. Acne
  8. Obesity

Also, when cutting meat out of a diet, it is saving so many beautiful, needed animals.

As if that was not enough, usually the processed meat that is bought at the corner store was brought up from enslaving and torturing farm animals for all of their lives. Cow, for example, have been known to be raised in cement yards, surrounded by disease and feces. They can be pumped with growth hormones that make them fatten up at sometimes fatal rates just to be killed at the end of the day.

But on the other hand, meat contains needed proteins and amino acids that are not easily known in other foods, if you are not educated. Also, many vitamins are in meat and they help keep the body in it’s best shape. Some of those vitamins simply cannot be found in a vegetarian diet.

“Being vegetarian is like eating the food my food eats. Vegans are basically made of glass.” Donald Swanson explains.

“Even still, proteins that are found in meat can be found in other vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian diet friendly foods. And without the gross factors that come from red meat especially.” Meagle begins to get heated because of her certain hatred toward the consumption of meat and the killing of adorable animals.

One of the most popular vegetarian dishes for this holiday is a Chestnut, spinach & blue cheese en croûte. It brings in many exotic flavors and textures whilst also being completely meat free!

And for dessert, there is the option to indulge on a decadent chocolate biscoff crunch vegan ice cream cake, featuring chocolate, banana and biscoff- what could be better? Or chocolate chip banana bread, which is exactly what it sounds like- but instead of normal eggs, flax eggs are used.

So for the holiday, try something new. Branch off from the norm and treat the family to these yummy meals that are eco friendly. ⬥