Real Or Fake: The Holiday Dilemma

Every year during the holiday season, the same question comes about, should people be buying synthetic Christmas trees or sticking with the traditionally chosen real trees?

Sixty percent of Americans, in a poll conducted by ABC news and The Washington Post, said that they set up fake Christmas trees as opposed to real trees every year.

“I prefer fake Christmas trees because they are easier to deal with and you can reuse them year after year but, a real tree does give more of a classic experience” says a local resident.

The reasons given from those who decide to buy real trees or fake trees vary from person to person. For those who prefer to be more environmentally friendly, synthetic trees pose a threat because they are made from materials that cannot be recycled, whereas real trees can be mulched up and used for other things. The plastic used in synthetic trees also contains a chemical called PVC, which is known to cause problems in the human body. However, many people like the price and convenience of fake trees.

Others are reluctant to give up the all too familiar aroma of a real Christmas tree that fills the family’s house during the holidays.

“I like real trees because they make the house smell good and I enjoy picking it out each year”, says Lee Ann Miller

Many families also make it a tradition to go every year and pick out the perfect tree. Some even cut it down themselves.

“It seems more like Christmas time when you get to go out and pick out a tree”, according to Steve from Pottstown.

“It’s harder to store a fake Christmas tree”, says Steve, “it’s easier to just take down the old tree and then it just goes to be mulched anyway.”

People have been debating for years whether it is better to go with a real tree or fake tree, but what matters in the end is really just how someone celebrates the holidays and what works for them.⯁