Hour of Code events occur all around the country.

The 2016 Hour of Code

This December 6th, Perkiomen Valley hosted the Hour of Code, bringing knowledge to many children and with families who wanted to support this memorable event.

Hosted by Mr. Pennebacker, who advises the computer club, the 2016 Hour of Code brought in people of all ages and taught them how to program in some simple and intermediate forms. Participants also saw how much work goes into creating many of the things they love, like apps and computer games.

The Hour of Code is a way to teach kids and adults how to program and make things that they’ll love while preparing them for life in the twenty-first century. Each year, people get to experience coding, coming to understand what it is and why they should know it. Coding can open doors to future careers, newfound hobbies, and so much more.

At this Hour of Code, kids could learn how to understand java and program some of their favorite themes. Along with this, presentations and demos were set up so people could learn even more. Mission-programmed Spheros were one form of demo that allowed people to see the results of coding.

The host, Mr. Pennebacker, said, “[Hour of Code] was a success, there were tons of people and lots of energy, and the students were a big help.”

The students who helped out also thought the event went well.

“It’s a nice way for children and adults willing to learn, to get their hands dirty,” replied Alex Choing when asked about his thoughts.

While all of the stations played a big role in the Hour of Code’s success, one seemed to stand out to some people.

“The best [station] was the Intro to Java, because I felt that I could learn the most there,” said Mitchell Stomel.

The goal of the Hour of Code is to teach more people in the current and upcoming years, so let’s hope that we can come together in and pave a path of knowledge for the future of everyone.