GSA holds its first meeting of the year

The GSA kicked off its first meeting of the year on October 26th. Under the guidance of Ms. Schaeffer, they laid out the agenda for upcoming meetings and welcomed members back for the year. 

“My hopes [for the year] are that because we started off on a good foot this year, we can start the club right away,” Ms. Schaeffer said. “We’re hoping to meet twice a month, instead of once a month. One meeting where we have a supportive community, and a second meeting where we can have action.”

The GSA, or the Gay-Straight Alliance, is an LGBTQ+ support group led by students. One of the first actions the club plans to take is to vote on new leadership, as the club does not have a president.

“Though we haven’t elected our leadership yet, I can see there are some bright people in the room who are ready to take those steps,” Sam Decker, treasurer of the club, said.

Despite the optimism, the club enters this year coming off of one of the most divisive periods PV has faced in recent memory. Decisions such as the issue over book banning and the recent bathroom policy have raised concerns among members. However, these recent events have brought support and solidarity from groups outside the GSA. Recently, the GSA of Springfield High School expressed support for PV’s students negatively affected by the bathroom policy, sending cards and letters to Perkiomen Valley’s GSA. 

Nevertheless, many members choose to remain hopeful for the future of the club, and more broadly, the school. “I’m optimistic that with time, things will get better at PV, and though there may be steps back, we believe the journey will continue forward towards progress,” said Decker.