Why growing up changes homecoming 

Every year spirit week and homecoming is something that most students look forward to. It is a chance to dress up with their friends and have a good night. While almost all students look forward to homecoming weekend, the dance itself seems to become less and less popular with older students. Either arriving late, leaving early or not coming at all, a good portion of upperclassmen seem to want to spend as little time at the dance as possible. 

“The DJ wasn’t as bad this year, but he still had a headache in the gym and a hotbox in the main room,” said senior Jack Santosusso. “There’s barely any places to sit down, that was one of the biggest things. Either way it was uncomfortable.” 

However this does not seem to be the case for younger students. 

“Homecoming was hype,” sophomore Chase Smith said. “I like to see people from outside my classes.” 

Other younger students seem to feel the same way, spending the whole night at the dance. 

“I was there until they kicked us out,” sophomore Conrad Lees said. 

This is a stark difference from the senior class, as by 9:15 there was hardly a single senior still at the dance. This begs the question: why is it that younger students want to stay at the dance, while older students seem to leave as soon as they can? 

“Most lowerclassmen don’t have their licenses so they can not just leave whenever they want,” senior Andrew Reyes said. 

A lot of lowerclassmen seem to agree with this opinion as well. 

“If I had an ability to get to a party I would’ve because I’ve already been at homecoming for two hours,” said Lees. 

Homecoming itself is not the main reason that upperclassmen seem less interested, sure it’s crowded and the music isn’t always the best, but dancing with your friends is still a fun experience. Rather it is the fact that as older students they have access to go to other events where they can still have their fun with their friends without the problems of a dance. While homecoming may not be perfect, it has not changed from freshman to senior year, instead students age and have less interest in school dances.