Flying into 2017

With Norwegian Airlines announcing $69 transatlantic flights coming this summer, will 2017 be a milestone in international travel?

In December, the Norwegian-based airliner announced that starting this summer, flights from New York and Boston will be flying nonstop to Cork, Ireland for the low fare of $69 one way. Norwegian is not the only one. According to Expedia, the average price for round-trip airfare from Philadelphia to London has gone down $200, from $710 last May to $510 as of this January, with flights from Newark to London dropping roughly $100 from $589 to $489.

“That is good,” commented Bella Gallo on the news of this massive decline in price.

Although the airliners claim this recent drop is because of a new type of jet fuel, the reason many experts are pointing to is constant terrorist attacks across the European continent. After all, it only costs $89 to fly from Yemen to Afghanistan.

Despite it now being cheaper to fly internationally, the same can not be said domestically. Flights from New York to Los Angeles have increased in costs an average of $50 over the past three years, and according to Travelocity, a one way ticket from Baltimore to Chicago now goes for around $72. Whereas in 2013, it went for as low as $50

“I love to travel, especially when flights are cheap!” exclaimed an unnamed source. As of now, prices have also dropped on flights to Asia, with American Airlines charging a mere $606 round trip this March to fly from JFK to Pudong International in Shanghai.

This January, Boeing officially announced the release of their newest commercial airliner, the 737. Unlike most commercial planes, this aircraft is designed for comfort, not just to see how many people can fit inside one cabin.

Whatever the case may be, 2017 can be the year that you finally see the world.