Nevaeh Ryals is Perkiomen Valley High School’s Artist of the Month

PV Voice Artist of the Monthnevaeh-5

  1. Name: Nevaeh Ryals
  1. Year of graduation: 2020
  1. elementary and middle school: South Elementary and Middle School East
  1. current art course and teacher: Mrs. Elser
  1. How would you describe your art?

 Very detailed in texture and shadowing. A good idea of topic to draw.

  1. Are there any artists that inspire you? If so, who and what about his or her work inspires you?

 Karen Potaleo. She is a cake designer and artist but, her piece of art is brought to life and is very realistic.

  1. How much time do you spend on your art (by day or week)?

 By day. It takes me 20-25 minutes to be rounded.

  1. Where is your favorite place to create and why?

 At my house or outside in the park because when I create, I like to have a peaceful atmosphere around me. My house is very quiet and the park is very nice and quiet place.

  1. Other than other artists, what moves you to create art?

 What moves me is certain scenery and different kinds of culture. Scenery that inspires to be calm, for example a cafe or coffee shop. Those places keep me in a peaceful mood. Cultures for the past inspire by choosing specific colors or sculpture.