Gaming club allows student playtime

The gaming club offers a stress-free, friendly environment to relax after school, meet new students, and play your favorite video games. 

Students are permitted to bring whatever game they would like, whether it be a Nintendo Switch, Tablet, or board game. 

“This is a positive, totally inclusive place to come after school, to enjoy yourself in a no-judgment environment,” advisor Mrs. Giorgio said.  The club runs every Thursday, from 2:30 to 3:45 in room 308, and has been running for the past three to four years.

 “It’s a pretty fun club, just show up, bring some game consoles and make friends,” club member Shane Giorgio said. 

In terms of games, some student favorites are Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and Super Smash Bros: Ultimate. Still, there are no limits to the games that you will find in this gaming safe haven. Additionally, club advisor Mr. Nawrocki hosts games of Dungeons and Dragons in his classroom from time to time, which is an excellent chance for students to show off their strategic skills. In the gaming club, students will be greeted with friendly faces and friendly competition. To the game-lovers of PV, who are searching for new friends, look no further than the gaming club.