Take Action club to create a new bench out of recycled plastic bags

Perk Valley High School’s very own Take Action club works hard every year to educate students on the importance of being eco-friendly. From organizing trail clean-ups to starting fundraisers to plant coral in coral reefs, the club aims to keep our school as environmentally friendly as possible. This year, in collaboration with Nextrext, they’re back again with another recycling project that encourages students to bring in plastic bags and donate them rather than throw them away and create waste. 

The plastic bag project began towards the end of last year and includes multiple schools and districts and each school has a goal of collecting 500 pounds of plastic individually. At the end of the collection period each school will collect the plastic, weigh everything, send the plastic bags to grocery stores so they can send them to recycling plants, and send the amount collected to Nextrext for the competition. Schools that meet the 500-pound goal will then receive a new bench made out of recycled plastic.

The Take Action club’s current project is just another way that they promote the idea of conservation and environmentalism to students of PV. Their biggest goal is to teach PV students that taking care of our environment is important and beneficial for the whole community. 

“I think it’s important to make others aware of how much plastic waste we make and having this physical reminder of it helps make people more aware of how much we waste. And the plastic that we get goes to a good place.”, says PV junior and Take Action club member Jordan Brewington.

 The deadline for collection is April 15th, 2022. Currently, the Take Action club continues to encourage teachers to put up collection boxes and flyers in their classrooms. Everything from old grocery bags to Ziploc bags, to bubble wrap can be accepted and can earn PV a new bench for the courtyard while helping to keep the environment safe, clean, and waste-free.