Students walk out to protest “Don’t say gay”

Students held a walkout protest to support the LGBTQ+ community and the “Don’t Say Gay” bill that was passed in Florida on March 28. Organized by Kylie Borghi, the protest was held on Friday, April 1. At the beginning of third period, students walked out of the front doors and around the parking lot to the football field.

The students first gathered together, being greeted by staff as they walked out to the field. Students stood with flags, and were making signs as peers approached the area. Some students started playing music while the organizers of the walkout directed everyone to the edge of the field for a speech. 

Everyone was encouraged to interact with the group, giving time to share their own personal experiences if wanted. Students were given time to speak to the group, and all were allowed to express their views. As individuals went up to discuss their experiences, tears were shed by many. Strong emotions were rising due to the heaviness of the student’s words. 

“Your safety and your life matter more than the hatred in this world”, said one of the speakers. 

The walkout today helped to show young LGBTQ+ students that they have a voice at PV. Members of the community, along with allies grouped together in the cloudy weather to share stories, and allow vulnerability within their voices. 

“My life has value no matter what you think of me”, said another student into the speaker while the crowd around them clapped. 

The walkout lasted the entire third period, and then students shuffled back to classes around 10:30.