Body positive brands

When struggling with body image, a lot of people might struggle to find clothes that they feel comfortable in or shops that sell cute, comfy clothes in a variety of sizes.  Marketing, models, and advertisements may seem like they’re directed at certain body types: some for the plus-size community, and others seem exclusive to smaller bodies.  No matter what the brand tries to do, it cannot encapsulate every body type. We all have such different, beautiful, unique shapes that the media can never be trusted to represent everyone.

Although there are lots of places that fail to be inclusive or positive, some brands have hit the mark for body positivity in fashion.  Whether it be through their campaigns, website choices, size range, or their overall message, Aerie, H&M, No Members Golf, and Joyln are a few of the many brands trying to make a difference.  

Every girl loves comfy clothes: clothes that stretch, sit nicely, fit just right, and allow them to feel comfortable.  Trying to find clothes that are cute and inclusive can be difficult, but not impossible. 

“I would probably say Aerie has the best inclusivity, all of their campaigns are very body positive,” Riley Loughney said.

Aerie has been a leader in body positivity for years now.  One of the best things they do is show a variety of real, unedited models.  

“Their dressing rooms always have the sweetest messages written all over the mirrors, although it’s cheesy, it’s definitely confidence-boosting,” sophomore, Tara Sponholz, said.

The website shows girls and women of different sizes, shapes, races, and includes all their wonderful flaws.  Not only do they appear to be positive, but they also carry sizes XXS to XXL.

Another great brand for females is Jolyn, the bathing suit company.  Their website features a range of models, much like Aerie does, and the swimwear comes in a plethora of sizes and different cuts.  Cute bathing suits can be hard to find because many brands don’t provide high and low waisted options, full coverage or less, or thick and thin straps.  Jolyn has a range of different styles that people can find comfort in.  

Lots of female brands have accepted body-positive messages, but men might find more difficulty looking for helpful brands. Although less attention is given to them, there are still great options for boys. 

“No Members Golf has a lot of sizes for people in XL and in smalls,” Harry Rodriguez said.  The majority of male models are still one size, but many brands have begun to carry a range of sizes that people can enjoy.  No Members Golf, Ralph Lauren, Madewell, and American Eagle have all increased their sizes and inclusivity.

One brand that is truly leading in men’s body positivity is Savage x Fenty, Rihanna’s brand.  The brand has models that all look completely different, they are accepting and promoting the idea that all bodies are beautiful for men, not just women.  

As far as brands go that are wonderful for any shopper, H&M is taking strides towards general body inclusivity.  Their website allows you to choose whether you see just the raw product or photos of the product on models.  This simple step can take out a lot of comparisons and make shopping more comfortable for people.

The world continues to increase the body neutrality and positivity we all need. Hopefully, in the future, we will see more brands follow these trends. 

At the end of the day, always remember that clothes are made to fit you, you are not made to fit clothes.