Sophomore star leads basketball team to winning record

As sophomores in high school, students are still feeling their way around and getting used to being in high school. It is a very important year as it is the next big step in school work. Students entering sophomore year are encountering the two biggest years of their academic career as they progress through high school. While being worried about that, Julian Sadler is also leading the boys basketball team in scoring and becoming a real threat while on the court.

This is Julian’s first year playing varsity basketball. During his freshman year, he was playing JV, and was the only freshman on the JV team. The pandemic season was a strange season, to say the least. With no fans and masks being required, it was definitely a weird way to start a high school basketball career. For Julian though, he believed while yes it was a weird introduction, he has definitely adapted to the current environment at games. 

“It definitely has been a big adjustment, you know last year we had a weird season with masking, no fans, and social distancing. Going from that to having fans again the next season was not easy for me, especially since I am a sophomore, but it’s a sigh of relief seeing my friends and family watch me play varsity basketball.”

Julian is regarded as a very teachable player and a true hard worker. Coach Michael Poysden has said nothing but great things about his star player and is more than grateful that Julian will be on the team for a couple of more years. Poysden is excited to be able to watch him develop as a player and a teammate.

 “Julian has really come into his own way this season very much as a result of the amount of time he puts into the game in the offseason. He has played as much basketball from 9th to 10th grade as anyone has and his performances are the core of his confidence. Julian has followed a model of hard work and a standard that the older players pass down over the years. Like so many younger athletes, he knows that his best basketball is still ahead of him and I am certain that the success he has had this season will continue to elevate his game,” coach Poysden said.

As for his teammates, they love his confidence on the basketball court and being able to take the shot when he needs to. One of those teammates is his own brother, senior Vance Sadler. Vance is very grateful for the opportunity to play alongside his brother as this has always been something that he has wanted to do during his basketball career, and is very proud of the player he has become. 

“I love playing with Julian. We have been talking about the possibility of us playing with each other for years, so it’s great to see it actually happen. I am also very proud of how his game has improved over the years and starting varsity as a sophomore. I can’t wait to see him progress even more and become a leader of this team in the upcoming years.”

As for this season, Julian is having a fantastic one. He leads the Vikings in scoring by averaging 10 points per game. He believes that they will have a strong end to the season and hopefully be continuing to play past the regular season.

 “I think our season is going pretty well. We are a very well-coached, balanced team and that truly makes us tough to beat. I need to give credit to coach Poysden and my teammates for getting me in the right spots on offense and setting me up for success every game. As I become a leader of this team, I feel like I had the right guys to learn from in Ethan Kohler and Dawson Debebe this year, along with Kameron Parks and Tyler Lapetina last year. Hopefully, with my experience, I’ll be able to lead this team into the future.”