GSA Club Claims Second Floor Bulletin Board

Inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes from dramatic preparation, other times from sheer happenstance, such as the circumstances that lead to the new GSA Bulletin Board. 

Madame Fleischer, who teaches French at Perkiomen Valley High School, saw an opportunity to perform her own kind of regifting as her french program received a huge multiuse bulletin board given to her by Dr. Moss. 

Madame Fleischer is one adviser of the trio of Perkiomen Valley teachers involved with GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club which is a student-run group that meets monthly after school generally on Wednesdays. 

“The plan is to create an educational board for the LGBTQ community,” said Megan MacWade, Perkiomen Valley senior. “Putting up pictures, educational blurbs, etc. to educate students and teachers.” 

The board is located outside Mr. Walsh’s room and across from Madame Fleischer’s room. A member of the GSA group will be in charge of adding content to the board and setting guidelines for what can be posted and what content will be allowed by the group. 

“We also are going to put up hotlines and my personal number will probably be included,” added MacWade, president of GSA. “We want people to feel safe even if they have not come out yet.” 

The bulletin board and its uses will be on the agenda opened for discussion at the upcoming December meeting. At which the normal order of business will also be re-established as the long-existing club heads into a new era. 

“I like how we are spreading awareness,” said Viking sophomore Natalie Klob. “And how it feels like a family and it’s only been three meetings.” 

Those parties interested in joining GSA should contact Madame Fleischer, Ms. Kristofco, Ms. Moliver, or Megan MacWade. It is a truly open group, no formal invitation is needed and they could always put a note on the bulletin board.

“I like how we built a community out of the people that joined.” said freshman Cheryl Fitzpatrick. 

With strength being in numbers, the dozens of student members of the GSA hope to build the group to a presence of more than 50 going forward, which will help institute a more profound awareness at the school and lead to more open conversations about issues being dealt with by members of the LBGTQ+ community on a daily basis.