Star Swimmer Jacob Replogle Gets Ready to Dive Into the Season

As winter sports begin, the swim team starts its season and is preparing for its upcoming competitions.

Senior swim team member Jacob Replogle is excited for the new season and feels confident about the team’s chances for upcoming competitions. 

“I really like the team and I think we’re in a good spot for the new season,” Repogle says. “The practices have been tough but everyone is improving and everyone’s getting better”.

Jacob has been swimming for the swim team for four years, though his swimming career started much earlier when he was six years old. He says he was naturally better at swimming than other sports and stuck with it. Currently, Jacob is ranked #10 in Pennsylvania high school teams for swimming in SwimClouds state rankings.

Jacob’s impressive career hasn’t gone unnoticed. Swim team coach Mr. Zackowski has coached Jacob since he was a freshman and has noticed the qualities that make him excel in swimming.

“He’s hardworking, determined and has an ability to focus, he’s very good at that,” says Mr. Zackowski. 

Mr. Zackowski has also noticed that Jacob’s teammates have learned from his attitude towards swimming.

“I think a lot of the swimmers already have over the past three to four years learned that hard work and perseverance will get you the goals that you’re striving for,” says Mr. Zackowski.

Even players who are completely new to the team this year feel good about future competitions.

“The season has not started yet but it’s going good” says Nick Hernandez, who is new to the swim team this year. “I get tired but it’s okay, the practices are going good,”

Competition times of the boys swim team. Photo: Rhys Myer

The swim team will put its preparation to the test on December 16th, when it competes against Phoenixville High School.