Young Girls Team Hopes For A Promising Season

This year, the girls basketball team has undergone some major changes, a bunch of seniors have left, so it is a very young team looking to prove themselves as a top contender for the PAC title.

Coach John Russo is in his 2nd year coaching girls basketball at Perkiomen Valle. He knows that the team is young, but he is willing to adapt to all the younger girls trying to make a lasting impression on the team.

“This group of girls have been awesome, they are pushing and helping each other every day since the summer which has me expecting good things this year. Expectations as of now are unknown, but if these younger girls can adapt quickly to the varsity atmosphere, then we have what it takes to compete for a PAC title.” Coach Russo said.

There is a great number of freshmen that have joined the team this year, some of them even potentially getting some varsity minutes. Those names include Grace Miley, Julia Smith, Quinn Boettinger, and Bella Bacani, but for now, they have to overcome the challenge of playing varsity as freshmen. Coach Russo knows that it could be a challenge for these freshman girls to adapt to varsity time, but he believes this group of girls has what it takes to overcome that adversity with the help of the upperclassmen.

“Our leaders Jen Beattie, Emma Miley, and Anna Stein have pushed these girls on the court and in the weight room to try and get them ready against the older competition. Experience against older girls will only help them out in the long run,” Coach Russo said.

In terms of seniors, there are only two of them on the team this year. One of them is Emma Miley, who has been a starter for the past couple of years. She is excited about her senior season and is ready to guide the younger players through the season and hopefully get some wins along the way.

“I am very confident in the team. These freshman girls are very talented and have the ability to be truly crucial against these other girls teams. Despite our team being so young, we have a bunch of girls who have a great ability to score the basketball, so I am confident that we will be fighting in every game. As far as myself, being a captain and returning starter, I believe I, along with Jen can lead these girls to wins this season through the energy I bring and my willingness to win games. Again I am very excited for what’s to come this season,” Emma said.

The other senior on the team is Jen Beattie, who was the Viking’s leading scorer last season. She plans on having an even better season, along with being a leader for the team along with Emma. Jen is ready to lead the team to another winning record and is hoping for a stellar season for her personally.

“With such a young roster there can be doubts as to how we will be able to adapt this year, but these underclassmen are very talented players. They can shoot, pass, play defense, and most importantly bring positive energy to the team that can hopefully get us a good record this year. It is my responsibility as a captain to help these girls learn the varsity style of play, and lead them into the games we have ahead of us. It starts at practice. Emma and I have been through it all 4 years of our high school career so we know the ins and outs of the team. The young girls tend to learn off of us in order to gain confidence in themselves once it comes down to playing in the games. We know that they have the talent to become star players, but having the confidence on the court is more important if you want to be able to win games. We know that we have what it takes to have a great season, and if we put everything that we have learned into practice together, then we will do just that.” said Jen, who will be striving for greatness this season as she concludes her high school basketball career.

The team has their first game this Friday, December 10th at home against Faith Christian Academy.