Freshman Gets Creative with Class T-Shirt Design

The freshman officers held a contest to choose a class T-shirt, which will be available for sale to students.

“As a group I thought it would be good if we had T-shirt’s to represent the class. It won’t be a fundraiser per se, just an opportunity for students to purchase a class shirt,” Mrs. Brecht, class advisor, said.

The deadline for submission was November 10th, and submission was open to any freshman. Students were then able to vote for their favorite design, with the design receiving the most votes being the winner. 

The winning T-shirt will represent the class all throughout high school, and the chosen shirt was met with generally positive reception from the freshman class. Class officers are pleased with the success.

“It was great to see all the creative [designs] submitted and the voting turnout,” Nadia Yackanicz said.

The winning t-shirt, designed by Jacob Loladze, features a ‘PV Vikings’ logo on the front, a ‘V’ on one sleeve, a ‘2025’ written on the other, and two crossed axes on the back.

“I then wanted to do something different. Something that I’ve never seen on a PV shirt before. After some brainstorming that became putting Perkiomen Valley V logo and 2025 on the sleeves of the shirt,” Jacob Loladze said.

Loladze’s efforts in designing the T-shirt were rewarded with praise from his peers.

“I like it, and I think it was a good choice. I like the axes on the back and the V on the side,” a fellow freshman,  Jacob Rotay, said.

The coming months will indicate if the design’s initial positive feedback translates into a large number of sales.