How much Pep does PV really have?

It is no surprise that pep rallies are a quintessential part of the high school experience.  However, it is easy to wonder, are these pep rallies on the decline? 

PV is widely known for our football, extra curriculars, and student section, all aspects of what make pep rallies the exciting events that they are.  This Fall, PV enjoyed their first pep rally in over a year.  Our stadium once again filled with excitement and anticipation, not specifically because it was homecoming weekend, but because we had so sorely missed out on these group activities the past handful of months.  When students were asked how they felt about participating in the Fall pep rally, most answers were unanimous across the board. 

Junior Riya Sringari had some pretty positive opinions on our 2021 pep rally.  “I think the Fall pep rally brought our class together! Seeing our athletes and music students being honored was another highlight for everyone.  It was lovely having everyone together in one place again.” 

Another PV student, senior Ryan Kelly had some thoughts as well.  “The Fall pep rally went really well. The energy was electric and the seniors came out on top.”  

It was clear from talking to students that our pep rallies are one of the best times of the school year and since COVID has taught us to value our school time, now more than ever, the question of whether or not PV should have more pep rallies has bubbled up.  

When asked about the possibility of PV having more pep rallies to celebrate our Winter and Spring sports, students were not hesitant in voicing their opinions and expectations. 

Senior athlete Megan Furlong says, “I think there should be more pep rallies in the Winter and Spring.  I feel like all sports work equally as hard and I think that they deserve to be recognized.”   

Sringari also points out that having more pep rallies would, “…also be something to look forward to for many students.”  

It goes without saying that if PV were in fact to have more pep rallies, the school officials and staff would need to “okay” the project.  However, students seemed to have backed up the case by listing benefits and possibilities they could bring.  

When asked why pep rallies, especially in a post online school environment, are so beneficial, Kelly states, “Being away from school was so hard for people and the pep rallies bring everyone together.  It’s just a great thing for the school and the energy and environment of the school.”  

The question of these possible future pep rallies increasing student athletic involvement also has come up.  Many students agree on the fact that while the two activities aren’t directly linked, it couldn’t do harm to continue pushing for more of them.  

Senior athlete Josh Pelzer says, “ I don’t think that involvement will increase, but it won’t decrease either.”   However, it is not as black and white for other students.  Furlong, an avid member of school clubs and sports since freshman year says, “I think it [sports and clubs] has taught me a lot and brought me a lot of amazing people.  I think if the school is more vocal about this, it could help out a lot of kids.”

It goes without saying that pep rallies have positive impacts on everyone and contribute to the fond memories of our highschool years, no matter if you are an athlete, non athlete, teacher, or administrator.  Whether or not we add more rallies outside of our annual Fall one, they will continue to be filled with camaraderie, fellow sportsmanship, and of course our famous PV pep.