NHS Welcomes 70 + New Members

This year’s National Honors Society induction ceremony took place in the competition gym at PVHS on Thursday, November 11th.  

Included in the ceremony were the inductees, current members, Dr. Moss, and the chapter officers.

The ceremony consisted of a procession of inductees, who were escorted by current members of the club, an invocation from the chapter president, Sonali Chandy, then an explanation of the history of NHS and its membership requirements followed by the procession. Also included was the pledge of allegiance and the honor society pledge, followed by the induction itself. 

“The induction was a great experience for the newly inducted members and I am glad I was able to take part in it,” said Madison Gilchrist, a sophomore and inductee of NHS. 

Ms. Savo and Ms. Eyde are the new advisers of NHS and have taken over the roles from Mrs. Dunne and Mrs. Verbeke. 

The induction of NHS members at every high school across the country includes some enduring traditions. 

 “There is also a candle lighting portion of the ceremony that is a symbolic representation of becoming an official member,” Ms. Eyde said.  

Occupying the role of an NHS advisor can come with many rewarding aspects.

“The role of Honor Society adviser can be extraordinarily rewarding because we know these students are leaders in the classroom but we then get to support their growth outside the classroom, where they can become leaders as well,” Ms. Eyde said.

Being inducted into NHS is a very special event in becoming a member of the club. It is a time-honored tradition and many inductees were grateful to take part in it.