Take Action Club Looking Forward to Successful Fundraiser

Every year the Take Action Club at Perkiomen Valley High School hosts the Humane Society fundraiser. This fundraiser will be taking place everyday throughout the week of November 15th to 18th.

The fundraiser is primarily run by Mr. Craven, but everyone who is in the Take Action Club contributes to organizing this event. In this fundraiser, money is donated and brings light to the prevention of suffering animals and the cruel situations they are put in.

However, there is a playful spin on this fundraising event. In a way to urge more students to donate money for the cause, all willing teachers that would like to participate are voted amongst the student body and the five teachers that get the most votes will wear an animal costume. The votes for the teachers accumulate when people donate money where one vote is twenty-five cents and five votes is a dollar.

This is not the first time Take Action has had a fundraiser. They donate to many other fundraisers and not just the Humane Society.

“In the past we have raised money for coral gardeners to help coral reef restoration and the ‘Dollars for Koalas’ fundraise during the Australian Wildfires,” senior and president of the Take Action Club, Melissa Bernardin said.

In the past, Take Action has raised over $700 and are striving to reach above that money goal this year as well.

“I would encourage someone to donate because every penny counts! You would be contributing to a good cause and if that isn’t a good enough reason to persuade you then hopefully getting to see your teachers dressed up is,” senior and member of the Take Action Club, Anjali Baikerikar said.

This is an astounding project that brings the Perkiomen Valley community together while having a riveting competition while raising money to help animals in need. This is an honorable event that has a perfect mix of both fun and serious value.