The Yearly Powderpuff Game Kicks Off Tonight

The annual powderpuff game is a flag football match played by junior and senior girls to determine bragging rights respectively. This has been an ongoing tradition for years now and 2021 seems to be no different. Last year, the game was played in the spring rather than the fall, due to the ongoing pandemic. 

The class of 2022 suffered an unfortunate loss last year to the class of 2021. This year they are looking to gain revenge and hopefully get themselves in the win column. 

“This year we are a different team, we are more experienced now as coaches and players. We now know our players and what they are capable of, and I think that will give us a big advantage this Wednesday,” coach and student, Zach Schimpf said. He, along with senior Ethan Kohler, and teachers Mr. Reed, Mr. Sullivan, and Mr. Finkbiner look to coach these girls to a victory after suffering the tough loss last year.

The senior class has experienced players from last year and also girls this year that are playing that did not participate last year. One of the returning players is the quarterback Ellie Armbruster, who looks to lead the team to victory.

“Tomorrow is all about getting our win back, we are well prepared on offense and defense and I have full confidence that we will walk out as the winners. As QB I will try my best to lead the team with my positive energy and focus on communicating with my teammates to make sure we are a well-oiled machine. We are super excited to give the crowd a good game and give Mr. Churchey a run for his money,” Ellie said. She is excited and confident that the team will put on a show and come out victorious.

On the other hand, we have a junior class that is ready to prove themselves against the older competition. They want to make history and pull off the upset.

“The way my fellow coaches and I have coached the girls to be successful is building from the ground up. We began by running through football terminology, fundamentals, and positions. After that it was all about scrimmaging and practicing our execution. Our girls have come a long way from the first practice and definitely have the skills to upset the seniors. If we can match their intensity, there is no reason we cannot win,” junior coach, Jackson Boettinger said. Junior Michael Porubon and teachers Mr. Churchey, Mr. Manderachi, Mr. Petsko, and Mr. Schumacher look to lead the way for a junior’s victory.

The quarterbacks of the junior team are Sydney Pierce, Abi Schweitzer, and Kaylin Marston, and they believe that the juniors definitely have the chance to win this football game. 

“Myself and the other quarterbacks will definitely do our best to lead the team. We will work, make mistakes, succeed, and celebrate as a team. I am very, very confident in our team as we had multiple 2-hour practices working hard and being aggressive, we have even had broken noses. I think the seniors are expecting an easy win but they won’t be ready for us and should be prepared to get wrecked by the juniors!” Sydney said. She thinks that this game will be a battle that will end in a win for the junior class.

The game will be a great one and it is a very exciting time in the valley. The game kicks off tonight at 7:00 in Thomas J. Keenan Stadium.