Principals Become Podcasters

This year students will be hearing a new form of communication, the Principal Podcast.  The podcast will discuss various topics that the school administration deems vital for the success of everyone in the building.  

The three house principals; Mrs. Baker, Mr. Berk, and Mr. Stanson-Marsh were discussing the multitude of new and different topics they wanted to communicate with the Perkiomen Valley High School faculty and students, in a way that stood out more than a normal morning announcement. 

“Podcasts are quicker and easier for us to execute than a full PVTV production, and we want to provide students with information in a more timely manner,” said Mrs. Baker. The Podcasts offer principals a more convenient manner of conveying their chosen topics. Hopefully, this will lead to more frequent releases and a more informed community. 

There are no particular topics that will be discussed in the podcast thus far; however, the principals are open to any suggestions teachers or students may feel need to be covered.

“We intend to build a running list of topics and reach out via the podcast to communicate with students,” said Mrs. Baker 

During the podcast, the principals go through highlights, what activities are happening throughout the school, and important information the student body should be up to date with. The podcasts have been created with student engagement in mind; the goal is to have another outlet for school information and hopefully one that is easier to maneuver and more likely to be accepted.

In addition, the podcasts aim to help the students get into the swing of things based on information directly from the principals themselves. Having the house principals thoroughly explain school news can potentially ease students back into traditional school methods.

Students may have felt removed from the principals or the school updates during the pandemic, so the new podcasts hope to unite students with all of the principals and the building.

The three house principals also made sure to acknowledge Mr. Moore for helping with production. 

The principals will podcast whenever there is important information that they would like to voice to the entire student body. Students should be on the lookout for podcasts in the daily announcements when they appear this year.