Galactic Gala Homecoming Dance: Outside?

At Perkiomen Valley Football Stadium on Saturday, October 23rd, loud music could be heard as the Galactic Gala Homecoming Dance occurred. Students began showing up at 6 pm, the temperature cooled, and students were ready to begin dancing.

The homecoming dance was different this year, with it happening outside on the turf field, and students weren’t sure what to expect. COVID-19 created some unique issues for administrators when planning the homecoming dance, having it outside was the best solution. Another change the administrators made was the decision not to allow guests from other schools at the homecoming dance.

“There were concerns about having 1100 kids in the gym due to COVID and it’s difficult to monitor masks,” said Dr. Moss, lead principal at the high school. “When people are dancing they don’t want to wear masks and we can’t have kids inside the building not wearing masks.”

No one knew what to expect from this decision. Dr. Moss sent an email to the student body a few weeks earlier to get an estimate on how many students might attend, and  300 students responded. This made it difficult to make an estimate of attendance.  A  couple of weeks later, during the week of homecoming, tickets were sold at lunches. 

 “I think those that are coming are gonna have fun!” said senior Sydney Chace. ” We’ve had about 700 tickets purchased by Thursday so there’s gonna be a decent amount of people there.”

The Music Boosters run the homecoming dance and work with the music department officers to plan the dance. They helped plan, pick the theme, build props, and decorate for the dance. A lot of work was put in to help create the Galactic Gala for students. It was important to administrators to put on the dance.

“Homecoming is an important part of school culture, not being able to have it last year was disappointing.” said Dr.Moss.“We redesigned the entire week so that we could accommodate COVID restrictions and still have many of our favorite events.”

The weather was a major concern for the dance being outside because the temperature was getting colder by the day. It had rained earlier in the day and the weather was estimated to be 38 degrees that night. Regardless,  students still had fun and danced the night away.

“It’s really fun!” said Sophie Sellers, freshman. “It’s pretty cold though, I keep getting colder and colder!.”

Students had fun at the homecoming dance on Saturday night, but the weather was definitely a different worry for this year in particular. Dr. Moss does not expect this to become the normal way homecoming is run, next year students will most likely be back inside the gym.