Parents’ Facebook Group Useful for School Info

The Perkiomen Valley Parents Facebook group is a place where parents are allowed to ask questions or share information about the school. It is a source of information for many parents, and new parents in the district can also use this page to learn about the school their child will be attending.

“The group can be used to help answer questions and confirm updates that may have not reached everyone, like school closures and which letter day it is,” one parent said.

The group has 2,400 members, with thousands of posts discussing when games for different sports are, questions, and general information about the school’s events. The group also posts reminders about meetings for the school board or for parent conferences. 

“The posts are a mix of information and parents with general questions. For the most part, the members are very helpful in answering the poster’s questions,” a parent said.

For school administrators, groups like these can allow them to reach out to parents much easier than by phone or by telling the student. This can be especially important when there is a school closure due to the weather. 

“In the past, we have primarily relied upon Facebook and Twitter, in addition to our website, but more recently some of our schools have set up Instagram accounts. This represents one more platform that we can use to connect with our parent and student community, to share information and engage in dialogue,” said Dr. Russell, the school’s superintendent.

The school has created a variety of accounts on different platforms, including accounts for students and for parents. There are also many accounts for clubs and sports teams. 

“I do anticipate as more opportunities through social media arise, the district will consider them and make efforts to capitalize upon them presuming they are effective in communicating and sharing information,” Dr. Russell said.