Scoupe deVille: New Ice Cream Parlor Takes Customers Back to the ’50s

Scoupe deVille is Royersford’s newest ice cream parlor, located at 460 N Lewis Rd, Royersford, PA. The parlor was originally a service station in the 1950s and was turned into an ice cream shop in 2001 by Doug and Sandy Paris, fans of the decade’s memorabilia and flare. In 2017, they sold Scoupe deVille to Melanie West, who opened another shop in Royersford this year and promised to uphold Paris’s legacy. West currently owns both the Birdsboro and Royersford Scoupe deVille.  

The shop is a 50’s themed parlor that has music, decorations, and sounds from the decade. The shop’s Facebook page says “The Ice Cream Parlor is designed to take you a step back in time.” The building is extremely spacious, and there are also tables outside. Located in the parlor is a “Drive-in Movie Theatre,” well, not really, but the booths were made to represent the back of a car. The staff also projects movies on the parlor wall. The entire shop is covered in memorabilia from the 1950’s— puzzles, posters, jukeboxes, telephone booths, pictures, toys, etc.

Guests can enjoy a projected movie while dining in the Drive-In car booths in the parlor. Photo: Cam Chandler

Scoupe deVille makes their own “super-premium handmade ice cream.” They have 24 flavors of Soft Serve Ice Cream and 40 flavors of Hand Dipped Ice Cream. Their menu also includes water ice, smoothies, parfaits, burgers, fries, soup, and more. The menu is decorated with images of celebrities and memorabilia from the ‘50s. 

 Something else that makes Scoupe deVille different from other ice cream parlors is their eating challenge. It is called “The Fat Elvis Ice Cream Challenge,”  which includes’ TEN Scoops of ice cream, SEVEN toppings, whipped cream, a brownie, banana, and 5 cherries. You must eat all of it within 30 minutes. If you manage to do so you receive a gift card, t-shirt, and your picture on the wall of fame.

Scoupe deVille also holds many events. Since the shop has recently been opened they have only had two events so far. Their first event was on September 4th at the parlor,  where a group called “Sunset Skyz Music Duo” played popular music from the 1950s. The second event was a car show on October 3rd, held in the parking lot of the shop. 

With a large outside eating area, a massive building, many flavors of ice cream, and other foods, Scoupe deVille has it all. Locally owned and operated, there is nothing not to enjoy about the business.