Advice For Seniors from PV Grads

Perkiomen Valley 2021 graduates have spent time reflecting back on their senior year- here’s the advice they hope the Class of 2022 can take. 

The college freshman collectively agreed that some of the best advice they could give current seniors was to appreciate twelfth grade, choose a college based on how the culture fits them, and be prepared for more responsibility as students head into college next fall.  

“Don’t take anything for granted,” says Delaney O’Sullivan, “and never regret anything because senior year will fly by- even though everyone says that it’s really true”

Looking into the final year of high school, it seems so long, but the kids who graduated last year promise seniors it will fly by.  Between applying to colleges, the last dance, sports games, time with friends, and the most advanced classes students have taken yet, senior year is packed with important events.  Although seniors may be stressed about getting through it, the Class of 2021 graduates want them to slow down and enjoy their last year of high school.  The moments will slip away before teenagers realize; with so much to prepare for next year, seniors need to take time to enjoy themselves.  

Seniors should also start taking more responsibility since their future schools will, as graduate Tommy Miller says, require “a lot more individual work outside the classroom.”  The start of college classes may be a big shock to many students who aren’t used to planning their schedules around completing work, but these next eight months are the time to start changing mindsets in order to remain prepared.  If seniors work now to hold themselves accountable to work, they will be better off in the following fall as they attend college.  

“When you get to college, make sure you have a way to schedule your day and assignments because no one does it for you,” says Alex Tucholke.

For the first months they’ve been at school, the Class of 2021 has had to learn to manage their own work in a new environment filled with distractions.  Although the incoming freshmen want seniors to enjoy their senior year, they caution the Class of 2022 for their future workload.  Arriving at college, teens are met with new friends, parties, activities, a new area to explore, and many other distractions.  Focusing on making a new home for yourself and balancing homework can be difficult, but to make school enjoyable, students should participate in a balanced social life too.

Delaney O’Sullivan gives advice on making friends as a freshman in college. Photo: Aine Sponholz

“Don’t be scared to make friends, you won’t seem weird just walking up to people and talking to them,” says Delaney O’Sullivan.

College may seem scary for the seniors, but according to the college freshman, managing their time will make the experience worthwhile. 

“You truly feel the happiest,” according to Delaney O’Sullivan.

As high school seniors walk around the crowded halls and stand in the screaming student section, they need to remember to take it all in.  As the Class of 2021 says, current seniors will be standing in their brown and orange gowns sooner than they expect.  

As long as they prepare for work next fall and break out of their comfort zone, college will be an easy adjustment for those who are soon to be the college Class of 2026.