High School Welcomes 2021 Staff Additions

Over the summer, the administration hired several new faculty members. Ms. Roche, Ms. Schaeffer, Ms. Mayer, and more are all beginning their first year here at PV.  

Mrs. Holman 

Mrs. Holman is the new Spanish teacher and is seen standing next to her board of common phrases. She is also sporting her PV spirit by participating in Throwback Thursday. You can find her in room 227.
Photo: Alyssa Yannantuono

Mrs. Holman is a Spanish teacher whose classroom is on the second floor. She’s aspired to be an educator since high school because she was inspired by her own Spanish teacher. This is her first year at PV, but it’s actually her 13th year of teaching Spanish. She originally taught in Bel Air, Maryland, before moving to PA after 10 years of teaching at Patterson Mill High school. Her favorite food is tacos, and she frequently enjoys playing field hockey. When she’s not attending to her three sons, she enjoys fitness and gardening. An interesting fact about her is that while in high school, she participated in the national powerlifting competition. She was one of the first girls to join. She actively enjoys listening to 80’s and 90’s music, while singing along in the car. “There is always something new to learn and I love seeing how much the students grow,” Holman said. “Don’t give up. Life will have its ups and downs. Focus on the positive and don’t be afraid to seek help or resources. Do not wait for the perfect moment to enjoy life. Each day is a gift.”

Mrs. Conlan 

Ms. Conlan is a new counselor at the school. She was born in Philadelphia, and taught at Pottstown High School before becoming a viking. She loves counseling and cares very deeply for her students. “I got into teaching because I wanted to be a safe space for students in the school setting; not everyone has a supportive home life or feels like they are being heard. High school has gotten harder with expectations and social media, in addition to just being a teenager.” Conlan said. Her favorite aspect of counseling is working with seniors, and seeing them participate in “the exciting events they experience.” Her favorite animal is a dolphin, and she loves the color purple. She frequently enjoys expressing her creativity and listening to all types of musical genres. She enjoys cooking, running, and watching “Jurassic Park.” 

“Have fun, but be safe and smart. There is so much to learn and experience in life. Be kind because you never know the impact that it may have on someone else.” 

Mr. Farney

Mr. Farney is a science teacher who teaches honors and prep Earth Systems. He’s originally from West Chester but has lived locally since he was young. He’s in his second year of teaching but his first year as a viking. Prior to his inclusion at the school, he worked at Methacton High school, where he taught Environmental Science, Oceanography, and Biology. He initially started as an extended daily sub at PV, until he was given his own classroom. He also has a history of coaching track and field. Before education, Mr. Farney was a coastal geologist, where he would soon discover his passion for science and teaching. Golf is his favorite sport, and he’s a huge fan of Phil Michelson. His favorite movie is “Groundhog Day”, and according to him, he can “beat the original Super Mario Brothers in less than 10 minutes”. Outside of school Mr. Farney enjoys powerlifting, running, golfing, and spending time with friends and family. “While it feels like high school takes an incredibly long time, you will blink and it will have passed. You will have changed during that time and that is okay as long as you remember the person you used to be. Live in the moments. Take a risk. Be bold.”

A Warm Welcome To: 

Ms. Nau, Ms. Schaffer, Ms. Roche, Ms. Mayer, Ms. Savo, Ms. Algeo, Ms. Brown, Ms. Cardona, Mr. Cleary, Ms. Davis, Ms. Dickey, Ms. Holiday, Ms. Matza.