Student volunteers help Perkiomen Valley Library prepare for book sale

In need of assistance to help prepare for the used book sale, the Perkiomen Valley Library reached out to PVHS for student volunteers. 

On Saturday, September 18 the used book sale at the Perkiomen Valley Library was set to take place. Setting up was going to be a tedious process, so in order to make it efficient, the library needed volunteers.

“We couldn’t have done it without them!“ said Meredith Glodek, the President of the Perkiomen Valley Library Advisory Board, when talking about the student volunteers.

Volunteers were able to help out on Thursday, two days before the sale, and Saturday and Sunday, after the sale. They brought boxes of books out of the closets, consolidated books into the boxes, tore down tables, and cleaned up the auditorium.

The used book sale is a fundraising effort organized by the Perkiomen Valley Library Advisory Board. Due to COVID-19 and construction of the Library’s auditorium in 2019, these book sales haven’t been able to take place. Also due to the Hurricane Ida flooding, many boxes of books were damaged. So finally, after two years the used book sale has been able to make it’s return.

“PVHS students were instrumental in helping us clean up all the damaged books so that we could start anew in preparation for the book sale.“

The student volunteers at PVHS were crucial in making the set up process as productive as possible. Many volunteers came to help out on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 

“I volunteered here because I wanted to help out the library as much as I could. They have dealt with some struggle due to the Ida flood and I know this helped relieve some pressure. I’m glad I could be a part of it!“ said Key Club member, Alessia Revelli.

The Perkiomen Valley Library is very appreciative of all the student volunteers who helped with the set up and clean up of the sale.

“The Key Club members and other students from Perkiomen Valley High School were more than willing to lend their assistance as soon as they were asked.“ said Meredith Glodek. 

The used book sale is a great way for the library to serve the community by providing low-cost reading materials for people’s personal use. This event could not have happened without all of the volunteers who participated.