Seniors Now Choose Brown, White Gown

This year for the Class of 2021, students have a choice to choose their colors for their caps and gowns. In past years this option wasn’t allowed and caused a division in genders.

Two seniors commented on the recent change, Aneesh Anandanatarajan said, “I think giving people the option will probably lead to some difference than the “normal” options that we see.” While Siobhan Mayr said, “I don’t think there will be much change because I think our community tends to stick to tradition.”

In the Class of 2021 at Perkiomen Valley, 13 boys chose to wear white caps and gowns. All girls stayed with the color white and the rest of the boys stayed with brown.

“I think having a choice between the different colors is an amazing idea due to the fact people may like one color over another,” said Mayr.

Reasons for choosing different colored caps and gowns are different for everyone. Some may like one over the other, or feel comfortable being grouped with a certain majority of the people wearing the same cap and gown.  Anandanatarajan’s reasoning for his cap and gown choice was, “I prefer brown just in case it gets dirty accidentally, it’s less noticeable.”

Since there was less change with students picking different colors (caps and gowns), would this bring up curiosity about changing the caps and gowns to all one color for future classes.

“When I saw my brother graduating four years ago, the separation of colors did come to mind. I remember I asked my parents why girls and boys were separated and they couldn’t give an answer about gender separation, I find it strange that that had to happen,” said Mayr

Having only one color option could change the gender seperation of seniors.

 “If everyone wore one color that may get rid of the worry about “who wears what color.” Maybe orange, maybe something else, but I wouldn’t mind it too much if everyone wore the same color,”  said Anandanatarajan. In comparison, Mayr said, “If the gowns were a light color orange, that would be nice for future use. I think there will always be some sort of gender division, but future seniors could feel more unified at the end of the year.”

Will PV become a sea of orange for future graduating classes or will the traditional separation continue?