Music, the Soundtrack of Summer 2021

In the tradition of the award shows that endlessly pollute the small screen this time of year, how much fun would it be to have our own version of the Grammy’s and share the songs that fuel the summer of ‘21. For the benefit of this exercise, we will be presenting our “Earbud Award” in a variety of categories. 

The Earbud Award for Most Popular Artist is shared among  Harry Styles for his songs “Watermelon Sugar” and “Golden”, and Calvin Harris for his songs “Feel So Close” and “Summer,” for being found on the playlists for sophomores, juniors and seniors. 

The Earbud Award for Most Popular Retro Band is shared with The Beach Boys with their mega-hit song “Surfin USA”, and the Grateful Dead with their song “Sugar Magnolia”, for spreading their sound through all grades. 

The Earbud Award for Most Popular Country Band goes to Zach Brown Band with their song “Knee Deep ,” according to seniors and sophomores who responded to a google form.  

The Earbud Award for Childhood Memory goes to Big Time Rush for their songs “Till I Forget About You” and “Boyfriend,” for stealing the hearts of many teenage girls then and now. 

The Earbud Award for Iconic Song goes to Smash Mouth for their hit song “All Star”, for being recognizable to people everywhere for being known as Shrek’s Theme Song. 

The Earbud Award for Most Remembered Lost Artist goes to both Mac Miller, for his song “Blue Side Park” and Avicii for his songs “The Nights” and “Wake Me Up,” according to seniors.  Rest in Peace Mac Miller and Avicii. You will both be missed dearly and you have touched the hearts of many upcoming artists and fans. 

What will be the next “Call Me Maybe” or “Party Rock Anthem” of the summer of 2021?