Students Discover New Ways to Share on Instagram

Students are creating lifestyle social media accounts on Instagram with content ranging from food to fashion. Account-holders post whatever inspires them, in hopes it will inspire others as well. This can include recipes, favorite beauty supplies, favorite books, and hobbies.

Lifestyle Instagram accounts are becoming more and more popular, as more people are becoming inspired and motivated to change their own lifestyle. 

“I started my account out of my passion for running because I want to strive to be the best version of myself,” Megan Furlong, junior cross country runner at PVHS said.

Running, being a huge part of Megan’s life, has motivated her to create her own lifestyle account and to share her love for running with other people around the world. 

“I post mostly food/health inspired posts with an occasional pretty view of where I am,” Furlong said.

Sharing delicious recipes and posting gorgeous views on Megan’s adventures, are just a few of the many topics she will post on her Instagram account, @_food4thesole_.

“I started my account because I was bored in quarantine and I had found a new love for exercise and baking/cooking,” Gianna Scaliti, sophomore lacrosse player at PVHS said.

Scaliti posts her content ranging from exercise, mental health, recipes and some of her favorite foods on her Instagram account @giannascalitifit

“One of my favorite parts of having my account is making new friends. I have met so many people from different places. I get to see creative recipes and express myself,” Scaliti said.

Being able to connect with people across the world and share the same interests is something special that people who have a lifestyle account get to experience. 

“Having this account has taught me that social media truly is just a highlight reel. People will only show the good parts of their life, so you never know what somebody is going through,” Scaliti said.

Having a lifestyle account, such as Scaliti, has given eye opening approaches towards social media.

“The biggest struggle I have faced is feeling the need to post all of the time, because I have an account and I want to keep up with it. Which is understable, but it’s also nice to not feel like you’re broadcasting your whole life on social media. Again, that’s why balance is key,” Furlong said.

With the responsibility of keeping your account up to date, it is also important to recognize that balance is key, and you do not need to post every little thing that happens in your life in order to motivate or inspire people.

Furlong and Scaliti both share pieces of advice for those wanting to start their own account.

“Do whatever works for you. We are all made different and what works for one person, may not work for another,” Scaliti said.

Having fun with your account should be the top priority. It should be a fun hobby, and should not control your life.

“Just do it, start one and be completely you! Dont let anyones thoughts on it bring you down, because you know that you are inspiring others. You shouldnt get caught up in the followers aspect of it, really make this account to better yourself,” Furlong said.

Being yourself should be the top priority, not the followers or what people say. It should be fun and a reflection of your lifestyle in hopes of inspiring others. 

Furlong and Scaliti are an inspiration to many people within the PV community and others across the world. They want people to know that having a lifestyle account is a fun hobby, and they are thrilled to share their love for health with hundreds of other people.