Volunteers from football team help clean up campus

This year, the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy held one of their annual clean ups at Perkiomen Valley High School’s main campus, as well as Middle School East’s campus. This was site #64 of the clean up. 

The clean up was completed by volunteers involved with the football team, including players and coaches. Overall, there were a total of 43 members that showed out to help make PV and its community a safer, cleaner place. .  

Mr. Heist, the head coach of Perk Valley’s football team, said, “it was a successful day” there was plenty of trash to prove it. The final tally of trash picked up included “27 full bags of trash, 7 old tires, an old water heater, and roughly 200 pounds of scrap metal,” Mr Heist said.

The clean-up was not only completed on the main campus of the high school.  The volunteers also picked up trash around Middle School East, including the woods behind the middle school and the Lodal Creek area. “The team was happy to be part of it,” Mr. Heist said. 

“It’s one small way we like to give back to the community that supports us so amazingly every Friday night in the fall.”