PAC Softball Rivals Honor Coach

On Wednesday April 28th, the PV Girls softball team played Phoenixville on the high school turf field. The game was a tribute to the late coach Joe Bogus, who coached both the Perk Valley, and Phoenixville girls softball teams.

The booster club and the whole Perk Valley softball team organized the tribute for Coach Bogus, although senior player Abby Souder originally had the idea for honoring him.

“The seniors kind of took the lead from the beginning of the season because we knew we wanted to take a night to honor him and his family… Coach Bogus also coached at Phoenixville for a long time before coming to PV so that is the significance of why we chose this game in particular,” Souder said. 

At the event, varsity players Serena Crovetti, Abby Souder and Sam Corey made very touching speeches on his character as well as him being an outstanding coach.

“Coach Schu said a couple of words then he welcomed little coach Bogus, his wife, and son. We handed them flowers and then had a couple girls from the PV side say a few words,” senior player Kinsey Moses said.

The team also decorated the stadium in Bogus’ honor with different signs and things to remind them of his time as a coach at both PV, and Phoenixville.

“For the game, we decorated posters with some of his favorite things and famous quotes that we all know and love. We will also have balloons that say ‘forever in our hearts’,” Crovetti said. “My most special memories with Coach Bogus would have to be how his overall comedic nature would brighten practices and games for everyone. He would always tell corny jokes and we would always just have so much fun being together and doing what we love.”

The Perkiomen Valley varsity softball team ended up losing the game. Phoenixville had two home runs and played well in the field. Both teams were happy to honor Coach Bogus during this special game.