Companies Pull off Successful April Fools’ Pranks

This year for April Fool’s Day, companies across all social media platforms decided to prank their hundreds of thousands of followers. Some companies, like Google and T-Mobile, decided to opt out of the yearly fun due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  But, COVID-19 didn’t stop everyone from having some fun with their followers.

Chip Cookies got creatively gross with their “new cookie”, the mcCHIP.  What is the mcCHIP? Well, there’s not much to it. It is literally a cheeseburger, but instead of a classic bun on both ends of the burger, Chip Cookies decided to replace it with their cookies.

BMW definitely scared a decent amount of people with their dangerous joke. They took to Instagram to announce that all new models would no longer have turn signals due to the fact that nobody uses them.  

“Starting from 2022, all BMW models will be shipped without turn signals. After all, fewer parts means a smaller footprint, and less raw materials used. So make sure you use them, while you still can,” a video from BMW said.

BMW wasn’t the only car company to prank their followers. Volkswagen announced on Twitter that they would be changing their name after 66 years to, “Voltswagen of America.”  The new name was supposed to be a reference to a new line of electric vehicles; however, the real Volkswagen name isn’t going anywhere.

Velveeta also pranked their followers with a new skincare line. They uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing, “V by Velveeta.”  Everyone knows how smooth Velveeta cheese is, so the brand took that and ran with it, mentioning that the new skincare line would be designed to make your skin feel smooth and moisturized, just like the cheese.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put a damper on many of the fun activities that we all know and love, and the typical pranks may have been unfortunately put on hold again this year, April Fool’s Day was still able to confuse many and bring some humor over Spring Break thanks to these companies.