Student Profile: Megan MacWade Represents PV at a Recent Town Hall Meeting

Perkiomen Valley has the pleasure of being home to students from all different backgrounds; all of which deserve to be heard and represented. That’s why students such as junior Megan MacWade have chosen to be a part of SAFE collective, a club that focuses on reform, revival, and reeducation within the community.

MacWade is a part of the reform committee within the club, and because of this she has worked directly with the school on changing policies in the community.

“SAFE Collective is an activism club where we want to educate ourselves and others while making a change in our communities,” MacWade said. 

In PV’s efforts to foster a more inclusive and educated environment for students, they chose to send MacWade as their representative at a local town hall meeting. There, MacWade was able to ask questions and talk to Black leaders from the community about their lives and experiences.

“It is amazing that people are in these positions right now. Little kids will be able to see POC in positions of power and give them hope,” MacWade said.

MacWade expressed how crucial it is for young, impressionable people of color to have people that look like them to look up to.  It is in these people that they find role models, and become inspired to pursue their goals that once may have seemed unattainable to them.  

As for the community as a whole, clubs like SAFE Collective ensure that more opportunities such as this one are available to students in the district.  

“It is important for clubs like SAFE Collective to exist because they are constantly educating others and making the community safer for all,” MacWade said. “If we didn’t have clubs like this, would change happen?”