Mini-THON Back Up and Running

Mini-THON is officially up and running back in the Valley. Mini-THON is the club for students to feel empowered and motivated to raise funds for conquering childhood cancer. 

In 2019, Mini-Thon at PV raised just over $12,700 dollars 

Although challenging in a pandemic, Mini-THON student director Bailey Kenny is using no excuses to support the important cause. She, along with Mini-THON leaders and members, are working to create safe, engaging, and profitable events to keep the Mini-THON drum rolling. 

“We are currently planning fundraisers with different restaurants, such as the Collegeville Italian Bakery. That is in the works right now and we hope for it to happen soon,” Kenny said. 

Mini-THON, just like other school based initiatives, need support from the student body. 

“If someone would like to join Mini-THON, they can use the Google Classroom code which includes our zoom link. The code is 3v51jfm,” Kenny said. 

Due to COVID-19, meetings are currently held on Zoom at 2:30pm every Friday. Hybrid students are more than welcome to stay after school in Ms. Kohout’s room (room 134) and join the Zoom from there. 

Mini-THON promotes inclusivity and welcomes anyone to join. “We’re a great group of people trying to help a great cause. It would be amazing if more people wanted to join the club,” Kenny said. 

Mini-THON is looking forward to the upcoming events planned and growing membership. Club members are hoping that this year’s fundraisers will unite the PV community and next year will be an even stronger year.