The Prom is On and Rightly So

One of the most memorable moments for seniors is the prom. Unfortunately, due to concerns over COVID-19, the 2019-2020 prom was canceled, meaning that the juniors of last year have yet to have a chance to experience the event. With COVID-19 still being apparent in our everyday lives, there have been doubts on whether or not the prom will occur this year. 

The 2021 prom should occur this year. The seniors have already missed so much of what their last year of high school could have been; with zoom classes occurring, the senior trip being cancelled, online plays, and so much more, we should not have to add to this list. 

Having the prom would be able to make the students at PV end the year on a high note. With the cases going down, the school being fully in person, and having spring sports, we should be able to have the prom. 

“It would be really upsetting if the current senior class graduates never had a prom. Some benefits of having the prom would be to brighten the spirits of the students at PV, as well as allowing the senior class to come back together once again after an entire year and do something fun,” senior Macy Wallace said.

Some may argue in order to stay safe we should hold a virtual prom. That way the students can still get dressed up and experience “the prom.” However, a virtual prom diminishes the whole aspect of the event because the students would not be able to have closure with their friends and with PV. 

We can still hold a prom while being safe and following the CDC guidelines. The students who go to the event will wear a mask, stay distanced, and can also get tested. 

“I do not think a virtual prom is a good solution because I am pretty certain that would upset everyone. Mentally, this is not the best alternative for the student body. Think about all of the students who have been looking forward to this huge event for years and how upset they would be to hear we are having a virtual prom, especially while other schools around PV are still having theirs. I don’t think many people would participate and it would be a waste of energy that could be used on a different alternative,” Wallace said. 

If people do not feel safe with an indoor prom, there is always the possibility of holding it outside. Additionally, more students would be able to come while still staying distanced. After over a year of adapting to the changes our school has implemented, we should try to make the prom as normal as possible. 

“If we are able to do the prom this year I would want it to be as normal as possible. I know that would be difficult for a lot of the aspects like eating and being close to each other on the dance floor but maybe we could have it outside. I think just having prom outside would be good. We can still set up areas for eating and have plenty of room to do whatever else,” senior Anna Ciaudelli said. 

Perkiomen Valley has the resources needed to hold the prom this year while still being safe. We have the possibility of holding the prom outside, which is why we should have this event. The seniors have not exactly had the year they were hoping for, with so many of their events being cancelled. Having the prom this year would not just benefit the upperclassmen, but show all of PV how we are moving forward.