Orchestra Holds First Virtual Concert

On Thursday, March 18th the PVHS orchestra was able to host their first virtual concert this school year. Many clubs have felt the effects of the pandemic and the music program definitely was one that struggled in the beginning.

Mr.Suloman, the orchestra director, explained that he had to figure out how to get kids playing together both in person and virtually. While it took some time to work out these issues, the group has been hard at work preparing and got to show off what they have been working on during their concert.

“This was a big change! We were never really taught at college how to teach ‘virtually.’  I have had to adapt what I normally do in class, to fit online. We prepared by having a 1-hour rehearsal every Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00 in the band room for the students who were present in the school,” Mr. Suloman said.

For the students, this was a huge change as they also had to adapt to virtually performing and wearing masks while playing in school. One of the first chair violin players, Maya Badali, explained how she felt prepared and excited to play but was uneasy about whether the stream would be successful.

“I felt nervous going into it not just because performing makes me nervous, but I was worried that the stream would fail. I was no longer concerned after I heard that it went well from people watching at home,” Badali said.

Mr.Suloman even admitted he was a bit nervous as well but in the end, he was proud of his student’s performance and is very excited for future concerts.

“The virtual concert went well! The student’s performance was the best I had heard.  It proved that it can be done. I can’t wait until the spring!” Mr. Suloman said.