PV Parents Prepare For Prom With Dress Shoppe

While spring means the end of the school year is near, it also marks the start of prom season. Though prom won’t be in its traditional form due to COVID-19 restrictions, students still need their outfits and accessories. Luckily, the PV Prom Dress Shoppe can meet such needs with dresses and accessories for all PV students while being affordable and easily accessible.

The shoppe was created by PV parents to give all students the ability to access prom dresses at affordable costs, using local resources for donations to keep prices low. “We started with collecting donated dresses from other people in the community,” Mrs Lofton, one of the shoppe’s organizers, said, “And we heard about the opportunity… from a major department store that had about 3,000 dresses… from their prom shops that they liquidating and they were looking for somebody who would take them as a donation.”

Since the shoppe received more dresses than they originally thought, they had to find storage by working with the marching band and using their old truck. The school administration also helps with collecting and storing the dresses all while parents like Mrs Lofton run the shoppe.

Originally, the shoppe was going to be opened last year right before the school was shut down for COVID. Now that the date and location for the senior prom was announced, the shoppe can once again provide prom needs, with some changes due to health regulations. 

“…we steam everything before we put it back on the rack and let it hang out for a while,” Lofton said. She also mentioned the need for volunteers, both adults and students, to do the steaming process as well as wiping down surfaces on the appointed days that the shoppe is opened. 

Each dress must be steamed after shoppers try them on to keep with health regulations

Since the shoppe is opening under unpredictable circumstances, there are many obstacles they have to face to stay open and provide affordable resources. “In a regular year…people start buying dresses in January or February and now we’re almost into April so now I think…it’s going to be a tight timeframe for people to…do all the things they need to do for getting ready for prom…assuming the prom is going to be May 15th for everybody,” Lofton said.

Lofton also mentioned that even if the prom doesn’t happen, the shoppe can still fulfill its purpose as a community resource by providing affordable formal dresses for students and their parents while also raising money for Post Prom.

Even if prom is cancelled, the shoppe can provide affordable dresses for other formal events for students and their families

For anyone interested in shopping or volunteering, be sure to use the Signup Genius linked here to schedule a day and time. The shoppe will be open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as the next two Saturday mornings. Dress and accessory donations are also welcomed during these times. 

Photos: Genevieve Giammarco and Kerry Staiber