PV Take Action Embraces Sustainability

Take Action is an environmental club at Perkiomen Valley that aims to help the community by fundraising and cleaning local streams. This gives high school students the opportunity to make a difference in Collegeville. 

This group collaborates with administrators or representatives to help the district make more eco-friendly decisions within the school buildings. Similarly, Jack Letterio, the president of the Take Action club, explained they also help the surrounding environment by pushing to make bat boxes and bee hives.

“Recently, the largest project we have completed as a group has been a stream clean up on the trail area out back of the middle school. Soon, we plan on taking part in the watershed clean-up as well. Our plans for the future of Take Action are very big in the upcoming months and years ahead. The school board was just introduced to the idea of building an arboretum over at middle school East,”  Letterio said.

An arboretum is a collection of plants that can be used for research and education purposes. This would not only be a good addition to the environment but also would be a new  interactive learning tool for students.

So far this year they have completed many environmental cleanups and have raised around seven hundred dollars for the Coral Gardeners Foundation, who help repopulate the oceans’ coral reefs.

“This year we weren’t going to run the club but some students really wanted to keep it going, so we have a smaller but more devoted group of around twenty students,” Mr.Craven, a teacher at PV and leader of the club, said.

Students may still join at any point this year by just emailing Mr. Craven. During each Take Action meeting, the club members collaborate to come up with new ideas, and when the next project is selected they work together to make it happen. In, doing so they form smaller groups to work out the details and then unite to execute their plan.

Mr. Craven explained that due to the pandemic it has been more difficult to get everyone together to collaborate, but this has not stopped them from achieving their goals. 

“This club empowers students to make a positive change in making themselves, the community, and the world at large, more environmentally sustainable,” Mr. Craven said.