Putting Class Of 2021 Up For Adoption

Senior year is a time full of celebration, accomplishments, and lasts. Due to COVID-19 many of these “last” experiences never got to happen. The senior parents of the class of 2021 have decided to take this into their own hands and start-up Adopt A Senior (AAS). 

 AAS is a program run by the parents on Facebook. A group has been created titled, ‘P.V. Adopt 2021 Senior’, parents or guardians can go onto the Facebook group and post their senior or other seniors with consent. 

 “The purpose of adopting a senior is to show the seniors we are thinking of them and celebrate their high school career. It’s a way of lifting their spirits and letting them know we as a community cares about them”, said Mrs.Fulmer. 

When you go onto the Facebook page all you have to do is create a new post with a short bio of what your senior is interested in and add a few pictures of them. The rest will be taken care of by the parent admins and adopters. 

“The majority of this activity is done on social media, but if you aren’t on social media you can still be included!  If you are on Facebook, you can join the PV Adopt 2021 Senior page.  Instructions are at the top.   If you aren’t on social media, please reach out to one of your senior class officers and they can get you in contact with us, the admins, and we will put you up on the adoption page”, said Mrs.Hickey.

Once a senior is put on the adoption page they are now up for people to come and adopt them!

“The person that adopts the senior(s) will send or drop off small-meaningful-fun gifts to the senior(s). Send a letter, cards, gifts, gift cards, snacks, or even balloons. Anything to let them know we’re all rooting for them! Decorate their lawn, front door, or car. For the next three months until graduation, we hope that these kids get some uplifting from their community and friends. A little love and support go a long way!”, said Mrs.Oehler. 

The Facebook page has 212 students from the class of 2021 on it currently. The parent admins are hoping for a little over 200 more students to be added to the Facebook page. Class of 2021 seniors, if you haven’t been put up for adoption yet go talk to your parents about it because your community is waiting to support you!