Japan Club Discusses Plans for the Future

Since the start of the new school year, PV’s Japan Exchange Club has continued to hold their club meetings, just like any other year. They have been meeting once a month on Monday’s at 3:15pm. However, with COVID-19 in mind, they have been taking necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

In a non-COVID world, the students in this club would prepare to host the Japanese Exchange students. They usually welcome them by arranging activities, creating welcome decorations, and planning field trips. In years where PV students visit Japan, they would prepare for the visit by learning more about the area, culture, and possible places to visit. 

“The club is geared to help students learn more about Japanese culture and establish connections with our peers. COVID or not, we always strive to gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture,” Mr. Allen, a club advisor, said. 

This year, the meetings are held over Zoom where the club advisors, Mr. Allen and Ms. Kashey, start by reviewing the agenda and providing updates. Afterwards, the students take over and discuss plans for club activities, give presentations, and establish dates for the upcoming meetings. 

“This year we have had zoom meetings with Japanese students and have learned about the Japanese food, fashion, and pop culture,” the students of the club said. 

Mr. Allen and Ms. Kashey have continued to be club advisors this year because they love the club, and want to let their students have a memorable year. They are also both club advisors because they enjoy learning about the Japanese culture and history. Ms. Kashey likes to keep in touch with students in Japan by participating in the exchange program that is normally held in April. 

“I love being able to pass along the cultural knowledge and provide traveling opportunities for our students. The students who have participated in the exchanges have learned about another culture, evaluated themselves, and established lifelong friendships with other Perkiomen Valley students, as well as students from Kamakura Jogakuin (our sister school in Japan),” Mr Allen said. 

The Japan Exchange Club is looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring, and will continue to expand their knowledge on the Japanese culture. They are hoping that, next year, they will be able to have their exchange program and reunite with their friends face-to face. 

Photo Credits: @pv_japan_club