Veteran Teacher Shares Long-Term Journey at PV

Being able to say that you have been a part of something for 32 years is a very astonishing achievement. For Mr. Walsh, this year is his 32nd year of teaching.

Teaching for that long can mean many different things. Some of those reasons are that he loves doing it, and he is very good at it. But just because he has been teaching for so long does not mean he was a naturally born teacher. 

“Coming into teaching I wish I knew more about special education and how to work with struggling students,” Mr. Walsh said. Over his long career, he has learned how to effectively help out and recognize struggling students.

There are so many people that have dreams of becoming a teacher one day and have a happy and healthy career just like Mr. Walsh.

“My advice to someone going into teaching is to get involved with the school,” Mr Walsh said. “Be a coach. Sponsor a club. Get to know the students outside of the classroom.”

Having the capability to connect with students and to be able to influence them is a key factor in a students success. 

“I am able to keep students engaged with my class because I try my best to show the students that I care. I want them to have success and I am willing to help them achieve that success” Mr Walsh said. “I am serious about my job but am willing to have fun while trying to teach math. I pride myself on professionalism and work ethic.”

Just like every other teacher in the world, Mr. Walsh has had to find a way around COVID-19.

“COVID has changed my teaching a lot,” Mr Walsh said. It has been frustrating because I don’t feel like I have developed a rapport with many of my students because I don’t see them on a regular basis.”

Just because COVID carries around such a negative vibe with it does not mean good things can not come out of it.

“On a more positive note, I have learned a ton of new technology and I have had lots of great collaborative conversations with my colleagues.

Having Mr. Walsh as a teacher could not have come at a better time. I was coming off of my worst year of math the prior year and had already come to terms that I would never succeed in math again in my life. 

His class did not just teach me about algebra. There were so many life lessons within each math lesson. One of the lessons I learned was to always stay focused because if you were not focused in that class, there was a very high chance you would get called on randomly to answer a question.

I definitely needed that structure because I felt that I learned the most in that class than any other math class that I have ever taken and it is all thanks to Mr. Walsh.