Traditional Model Becomes Possibility for the Fourth Marking Period

Handling COVID-19 has been an obstacle for every school across the globe and Perkiomen Valley High School is not an exception. 

The 2020-2021 school year started with all students learning virtually over Zoom. Eventually, the freshman class had the option to remain virtual or go back to school on a hybrid schedule.  This would mean that some days they would be in school and other days they would be virtual.  Later the senior class joined the freshman on the hybrid schedule and then a month or so after that the sophomores and juniors switched over to hybrid schedules.  

Now that all the classes are in the building on a hybrid schedule with some students fully virtual, the Perkiomen Valley School District is looking towards the future, specifically the fourth marking period. During the final marking period, Perkiomen Valley School district hopes to bring all the students back to school full time, while leaving a virtual option available. 

During this marking period, the school district would like “instruction as close to pre-pandemic conditions as possible” and would like students back for “five full days per week” according to a recent presentation by Superintendent Dr. Russell.  Opinions on this matter are very mixed. Some students feel that five full days per week is “irresponsible and a bad decision” said Aneesh Anandanatarajan, a high school senior.  While some parents believe that “we need to get the students back in school immediately.”

The people who are skeptical of going back to school five days a week feel this way because of the amount of covid cases from the high school.  Since the start of the school year, there have been a total of 88 positive COVID-19 cases between teachers and students according to COVID-19 statistics found on the PVSD webpage. 

The people who want students back in school are worried about the students’ mental health and whether they are getting a good education through virtual learning. 

The school’s plan for the marking period is not set in stone and will change and adapt as the pandemic continues.