World News Brief

Possible Minimum Wage Changes in the US

President Biden proposed that the minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour. This topic is very controversial and would have a major impact on the people but also the government’s debt. The plan to raise the minimum wage as stated in The New York Times, “would add $54 billion to the budget deficit over the next decade…”. The problem that would occur is that making the minimum wage $15 “would eliminate 1.4 million jobs by the time the increased takes full effect.” Although some jobs might be eliminated, millions and millions of people could benefit from additional income. “Therefore in essence said both sides were right. I found a $15 minimum wage would offer raises to 27 million people and lift 900,000 people over the poverty line, but it would also cost 1.4 million jobs”, the New York Times says.

Coronavirus Variant Destroys Chance For Vaccine in Africa

In Africa, doses of a coronavirus vaccine called AstraZeneca – Oxford were shipped from India. Although this vaccine was seen as a new hope for people in Africa, a problem struck. The New York Times stated that, “The country’s leaders on Sunday ordered the rollout of the vaccine halted, after a clinical trial failed to show that it would prevent people from getting mild or moderate cases of Covid-19 caused by the coronavirus variant that has overrun the country.” After leaving Africa in shock, the variant is now being seen in 32 other countries. The AstraZeneca – Oxford vaccine “provides strong protection against the original virus and the variant first seen in Britain.” Scientists are predicting that the vaccine could become less effective on the coronavirus variant.

Canada Enforces New Flight Restrictions

Canada made a motion to start restricting international flights. According to the Canadian national website, “the Government of Canada announced new rules on international travel, in addition to the multi-layered approach on COVID-19 already in place. The government and Canada’s airlines have agreed to suspend all flights to and from Mexico and Caribbean countries until April 30, 2021. This will be in effect as of January 31, 2021.” Travelers that venture to Canada are now required to quarantine for three days in a hotel room and take a coronavirus test all at their own cost. Canada has also enforced the Quarantine Act which states that if a traveler does not follow the new rules in place to protect the country from getting more cases, they could face 6 months in prison and/or obtain a $750,000 fine.