PV’s Fall Play Cast and Crew Produce First Ever Completely Virtual Play

The fall play, a murder mystery titled Clue, was streamed live over Youtube on Friday, December 11, and remains accessible online on PVHS’s Youtube account. The cast and crew starred in this event from home, PV’s first ever completely virtual fall play. Audience members were able to participate in the event through the live chat. The chat included predictions and possible outcomes throughout the play. 

“My jaw literally dropped…it kept getting more intense,” Sophie Allan, a freshman at PV said. 

Clue is about six people who are trying to uncover murders that take place at a mysterious dinner party, while trying to stay alive and keep their individual secrets hidden. This dark-humored play kept the audience laughing and guessing. The comedic timing and the clever transitions from scene to scene also made it fluent and easy to follow. 

“We worked with the Zoom setting, attempting to still make it seem like we were interacting with each other,” Julia Gerberich, the actress who played Ms. Scarlet said. 

Despite being on camera, in different houses, the actors tried to maintain a specific Zoom order, so scenes flowed as if they were interacting on a stage.  

“I really liked the use of props…and the whole rewind part,” Sophie Allan said, referring to the scene where the characters rewinded the night to uncover all of the secrets they held and understand the plot twist that was revealed. 

One of the best parts, though, was the actors and actresses, who worked hard at their roles and made the characters come to life. 

“Everyone knew what to do even though they were [working] through Zoom…the actors worked really well,” Allan said.

Clue is still available for those who missed it on PV’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3dvaaWLLnIqlRbgkSplogA

Photo Source: @pvhsclue on Instagram

Clue Program: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BjUn18n6X3bYilLdEPWZVTI_Tyvchp9-/view