PV Music Department Plans Trip to Universal For Spring 2021

The coronavirus shutdown in March caused many spring activities to be postponed until 2021. The PV music department trip to Universal Studios was no different. It is a new school year now and they have started to plan their trip from June 3-6, 2021. 

Since we are still in a pandemic, there are new procedures and protocols to follow so that everyone stays safe. In past years, the trip from the school to Florida was taken by bus, but with this year’s circumstances, it will be a little bit different. 

“Buses filled with students wouldn’t be safe during COVID, so we plan to take a plane from Philadelphia to Orlando,” Mr. Suloman, the orchestra director, said.

Even though the cost of a plane is more expensive, staying on a bus for sixteen hours is too much of a risk. Along with different transportation, the hotel room set up is a bit different, too. 

In previous years, each hotel room would sleep four people (two per bed), but this year each room will sleep three people to keep students distanced and in separate beds.

In the past, during the trip, there would be an adjudication. An adjudication is where the orchestra, or musical group, plays a song and is given a score by a set of judges. Along with most parts of this trip, this will be different, too. 

“This year there will be no adjudication, just a clinic where a musical professor will listen to us and give feedback,” Mr. Suloman said. 

There are many adjustments to the trip this year, but there are still many activities possible that are just like prior visits. On all four days of the trip, everyone will be able to participate in the normal activities that come with going to the park. Of course no one knows what the state of the pandemic will be in June 2021, but it is quite possible that there will still be social distancing and masks involved.

One of the most important things to consider for this trip is what would happen if someone were to test positive for COVID-19. If a person did contract the virus, then normal procedures involving quarantine and contact tracing would follow. 

Since this trip is already postponed from last year, if it were to get cancelled again, there wouldn’t be another postponement to next year.     

“We hope that the trip works out,”Mr. Suloman said. 

Photo: “Universal Studios Hollywood” by Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view is licensed under CC BY 2.0