The Road To Becoming A Tiktok Star

Carly Silberman is a 16-year-old girl who attends Owen J. Roberts High School, and makes transition, comedy, makeup, and relatable videos for people to watch on Tiktok. She also makes educational videos about Tourette syndrome and posts videos of her “ticking” randomly. 

Some of Carly’s videos have gone viral with up to 2.5 million likes.

“My most popular video is the one about my Black Lives Matter tics.” Carly is referring to how one day she was having tics saying “ACAB” or “Black Lives Matter.” This video was published during the heat of the Black Lives Matter movement.

She has a following of 386.9 thousand people who watch her videos daily, but the true number of people who see her videos go far beyond that when considering her non-followers who find her content on the “For You Page.”

There are two pages on Tiktok called “Following” and “For You”. The “Following” page is videos of everyone you follow and the “For You” page is mainly videos of people you do not follow and occasionally people you do follow will show up randomly. For a video to go viral it must be shown on a lot of people’s “For You” pages. In Carly’s case, this has happened multiple times.

Carly’s following grew at a rapid pace. Her videos started to go viral at the beginning of 2020 and only trended upwards since then. She averages 15 thousand likes per video. Carly says, “My following has made me more open and confident.”

Fame on social media can have both positive and negative impacts on a person.

“At times it can be overwhelming. Sometimes people over share their personal issues with me and I do not know how to help them, which can be frustrating for me,” Carly says.

With such a large following, Silberman gets noticed in public places quite often.

“I love when people say hi and it happens a good bit, it makes me anxious, but I know it took a lot for them to say something to me. It makes me feel appreciated,” Carly said.