Shawn Mendes Releases Quarantine Music

On October 2nd, Shawn Mendes released his new single “Wonder,” accompanied by a new music video. Mendes announced the song’s release to fans on Twitter, along with the news of his upcoming album, also titled “Wonder,” set to drop on December 4th, 2020, through Island Records. This will be Mendes’ fourth studio album release. Shortly after the release, Mendes took to Instagram to thank his fans for all their love and support. This is the first time in close to a year that Mendes has released new music.

Not long after the release of “Wonder,” students at Perkiomen Valley High School shared their thoughts on Mendes’ new music.

“I actually really like it,” PV sophomore Bethany Perla said.  

Fans of Mendes everywhere have shown their excitement for the new release.  “Wonder” debuted at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 on October 12th, just ten days after the release. The United States isn’t the only country to show its love for the new song. Mendes’ birthplace of Canada and their fans showed their support for his new music, debuting at number 4 on the Canadian Hot 100. In many European countries, “Wonder” also hit the charts.

Of course, like many other artists, the release of “Wonder” was inspired during the coronavirus pandemic.  

“I went to Miami and I was living with Camila and her parents and her sister and I was in panic for the first week being like there’s no way I’m gonna make an album,” shared Mendes with Zane Lowe of Apple Music.  

As Mendes adjusted to the quarantine, it got easier to write music, and he began to appreciate the “stillness” that the time at home brought him.

After “Wonder” was written, recorded, and restrictions started to be lifted from the pandemic, Mendes began shooting the music video for the single. The video includes many movie references, including “Harry Potter,” “Twilight,” and even “The Polar Express.”

  “I thought it was pretty. I liked the intro with the train, and I liked the colorful background with the mountains,” PV sophomore Hannah Chippie said. 

Not long after the release, Mendes took to YouTube and released a two part behind-the-scenes series showcasing what filming a music video during a global pandemic looked like. Part one of the series was uploaded on October 7th and part two on October 10th.  The series highlights producers and filmmakers wearing masks and taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of everyone on the set.

Mendes also took to Instagram on November 13th to share the album tracklist. Just a few days after that, he announced the next single off of “Wonder,” titled “Monster.” The new single, released on November 20th, features Justin Beiber, which was also accompanied by a music video.

“I think all of the songs will be similar to ‘Wonder,’ and they will all be much different than his previous albums,” said PV sophomore Katie Hautzinger.

Leah Jespersen, also a PV sophomore, shared her predictions to how successful she thinks the album will be.  “I think it is going to be one of his less listened to albums since some of his others were pretty big.”

Mendes also has a new documentary, “In Wonder,” which came out on November 23rd. The documentary is said to have a very detailed and personal look inside of Mendes and his life on tour.